Darkroom work?


This year I have spent more time in my darkoom than I can remember since I built it in 2002. The second group exhibition I’m involved in opens on Saturday the 1st of October 2016, and is on view until, the 4th of November, at the ‘Light Gallery’ at the  CCP, 138 Richmond Road, Marleston, South Australia.  Winding my priting down I managed to grab a few snaps of the work in progress.

My anaologue workflow is of course vastly differnet to my digital workflow. My anaoluge workflow comes from over 30 years of making fine silver gelatin prints.  This time however I used  a paper I had little experience with and had to change tack as I realised the reults were not as I intended.

The final batch of prints in my crude archival wash tank
  • My normal worflow is:- process > proof > assess.
  • Choose a negative or negatives, make a work print, develop > stop bath > fixer one> let it dry
  • Then > assess and reprint or move onto the next negative.
My first set of prints drying
  • Once the print or prints are finished.
  • I then add it to a second fixer bath > H.C.A > archival wash > dry.
  • Then flatten the prints and either send them to a framer for matt cutting and framing or cut the matts myself and have a framer frame them.
This is the first “draft” of how I want these images to be displayed.

This exhibtion I am just pinning directly to the wall. So for all intents and purposes, the work is ready to go. However, I have decided to trim the prints and make them square. Looking at this picture, I can see the shadows created by the pins may be an an issue, so square prints may improve this?

The second draft, square prints and a differnet set & sequence

The pins still look problematic, so perhaps tape will be the answer?

Planning and and displaying my photographic art works is part of many things we get our students to think about during our time with us when they study the Certificate IV and Diploma of Photoimaging.

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