Abstractions & Chance I

I spend about 5 hours a week in my car commuting from home to work and other places. Traffic can either be a nerve-racking snarl, or a meditative crawl.

Melbourne looks different from a moving vehicle. If I’m in a meditative crawl I get to look around and, well, think.

I think about how things look from the vehicle, I also think about abstractions and chance, combined. These two ideas I revisit on and off depending on my literal work load in the car and the work load at work.

It’s that time of year where I think a lot; the bad traffic helps.

So I have had a crack at the idea of chance and abstraction again in my car. Thursday’s traffic was particularly bad and as I found myself in a part of town I hadn’t had a reason to drive though for over 2 years it seemd the right time to get the camera out again. It was refreshing to say the least, visually. So while crawling along in traffic, I managed to safely set my camera up and position it in way that was a slightly off angle and using a cable release tripped the shutter randomly in between bursts of movement along the way home. The trafic was real bad!

I did this 200+ times in about 50 minutes of traffic. Today I edited them down to 16 or so pictures.

Food for thought.

First edit of over 200 images made while stuck in traffic

This kind of experimentation underpins our larger philosophy of learning photography where I work and forms part of my own practice as an artist.

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