Who’s looking?

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, 2011-08-28 15:46:38

I regularly upload to my Flickr stream, one image roughly once a week, sometimes less, and during the school holidays more frequently. This week I was fortunate to get picked up by the Flickr interestingness algorithm with the image above. This is a social metric not a quality one, so it’s pretty useless really if you are trying to get better at your photography. If you are trying to get better at your photography consider studying a photography course. Melbourne has many to choose from. I work at one.

Watching the numbers climb on a photograph that makes it into the explore page is a fun way to spend my Sunday, especially a rainy spring one. Looking at these numbers it is glaringly obvious that mobile has become the most important way to share and create content.

Over 60% of views are on mobile devices.

Looking at these statistics, over 60% of the views of this image uploaded 12 hours ago come from mobile devices, with Apple and Android fairly evenly split. Personally I still prefer at the least, a laptop or desktop computer to create, share and discover ‘content’ but with Apple rumoured┬áto be making a laptop with a partial touch screen on the horizon it’s clear that in the forseeable future┬áthis idea will be almost archaic.

What makes a good photo and how to make a good photo are skills that require a good eye and understanding of light lenses and the history of photography, all these things are taught where I work. Getting into explore on flickr? Well that’s a whole other story!