End of year exhibition preparations 2016

Every year in November, our students collectively exhibit their work for the Certificate IV students, it is their first major exhibition, for the Diploma students it’s their 3rd.

I spent Wednesday, helping hang the show.

This year was very different. The entire show was to be pinned to the wall, all 80 plus prints, some as small as 5×7 inches the largest about A2 in size. To get this amount of work all irregularly sized to hang as a cohesive whole and quickly, on the surface seemed a huge task. With some quick collaborative thinking this task was completed in a fraction of the time I anticipated.

First the work is spread out on the floor.


Then a rough sequence is considered


Then the work is tacked to the wall, to get a sense for spacing, rhythm, movement.

Then all the fine tuning gets undertaken; this is the longest and most labour intensive part.

Here’s a  time-lapse video I made of this part of the process.

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