Analogue work; in progress.

I have started printing some more analogue work.

A rough draft of the new series

Like so much of my work small ‘work’ prints are made first, put away then revisited at a later date. The school holidays during summer is when I prefer to make the first draft of any print or series. Revisiting happens on and off throughout the year or years afterwards, or if they survive an extended period of time on my wall in my darkroom, like the series above.

The selection process begins by sifting through my visual diary, or boxes of contact sheets.

Once I have found the reference data for each photo the negative sleeves are located and separated from my archive.

A negative sleeve from April 1989

I then jot down details such as the filling number from the negative sleeve, the actual fame number and notes or sketches about the image in question.

Two versions of the same print

A finished prints may undergo many¬†iterations before they are ready to be exhibited. The above prints have only seconds difference between them, but don’t quite speak to me. Therefore perhaps this current print deserves a different paper developer? Which paper developer though is the question?


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