Food for thought?

Well, one way to differentiate your work from the masses posting on Instagram is to make your work into prints and display them somewhere. Just that separates you from most. A print is a real thing, something you can stand in front of and look at for a while. But also build a website, make it very good and direct people to go and see it, perhaps use the site to promote your shows. Make your prints extraordinary, learn your craft and excel at it. And own your pictures so that they are not derivative.  That seems hard I know, but listen to your own inner artist, follow your own instinct in your work. Pay little or no attention to “influencers,” or “mimickers”that are so prevalent on-line. And don’t travel to “great locations” for photography or get trapped into believing you need the great picture of any given place. It blows me away to see a row of workshop attendees standing in a line with cameras making the same picture. Is this what you want? Make work that stems from real projects, not just an hour out with a camera. Scratch deeper and learn to use the medium to say something, be it actual as in a story or a narrative or more figurative or emotional, a dream, a setting, or to, as Ted Forbes says, make pictures of things that matter.


I am part of a team that teaches you to print ALL your photos, be they digital or analogue, black and white or colour