Reading Research Results?

I have several texts on photography that lie around the house and I pick up when I feel the urge. One of these is called ‘Pictures Not Taken‘. It is a collection of short essays by many photographers who describe a picture not made, whether for technical, physical, moral or ethical reasons.

My favourite is one by a Photographer who I had the good fortune of hearing speak in Australia in the early 1990s, Emmet Gowin. His story talks of the moment he felt was photographic but could not ever make a picture, when a reporter who was interviewing him acknowledges that one of Emmet’s inspirations is her father. In the article Emmet refers to a book on Science and Human Values’ by  Jacob Bronowski The article never refers to Mr. Bronowski directly, so it took some serious digging on the internet to find it.In the process I found this video about Emmet Gowin. It brought back many fond memories of the class I attended, and refreshed my own conviction in what I am doing with my own art.

Here’s the video from YouTube:-

The whole experience was very positive and affirming, just in time for the holidays to go out and make more pictures.


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