Holidays & Archives

With a substantial amount of time up my sleeve now during the summer school holidays here in Australia, I hope to publish more frequently. I am poking around in my digital archive looking for nuggets of which there are a few.

Here’s one to kick things off.

From 2013 or so, sunrise in the western suburbs

Digital allows this kind of imagery, for several reasons, whereas an analogue version may never have come into existence. It didn’t.

  • A quick assessment of results post capture means either a quick re-shoot or not
  • Time in capturing this kind of image minimal
  • Resources are limitless, I can capture, change setting and capture again until I’m satisfied with the results.

Of course the negative is it that it is really too easy to get caught up in the moment and think everything you capture is great, unlike analogue photography. This is my favourite aspect of analogue picture making, time, quick responses are needed but the ability to come back and revisit your imagery with a year or 10 of hindsight is very powerful and illuminating.

One of the things that I struggle the most with now in my pedagogy, is at my age 50+ I can appreciate and have created a large archive of digital and analogue photographs, but for my students mostly in the late teens and early 20s an archive seems a long way off and hard to contemplate.

I’m off to ruminate!