Experiments for 2017 classes

During the long summer school holidays, I always endeavour to undertake several things. Move along with my own personal projects, thereby keeping my skill set fresh and professional, and experiment with new curriculum ideas to help the students expand their own skill sets.

So far these holidays I have shot and processed 5 rolls of medium format film, of my own work, shot  medium format film and processed it using  a technique called stand development, using a developer called Rodinal. Rodinal has several advantages over ‘other’  developers. The first being simplicity, the second making difficult to print scenes that are due to excessive contrast, easier to print. I have yet to make contact sheets of these specially developed films, indeed any so far, but the stand developed films don’t appear to be offering me what I had hoped for?

6 of the 7 rolls of film processed so far these holidays

Watch this space as I move the idea forward?

The other tests/experiments are:-

  • Shoot  colour filters for black and white film, 35mm
  • Shoot Neutral Density Filters for BLack and white film 35mm
  • Make a picture with a paper negative
  • Make split filter printing examples, using at least 2 developers

The paper negative idea worked well. I used an old medium format camera that was large enough to take a small piece of paper and then take it outside and expose it, resulting in a negative that can either be enlarged or contact printed.

I used a WWII era camera called an Ercona II. My hope is  the students will be inspired to make unique images that stand out from the crowd, with these ideas and techniques.