I have a real hate love hate relationship with TV. In our house free to air TV has become background noise, I love my mute button on my remote. At its finest it educates and entertains efficiently. At its worst TV is…

 derided for its shallowness, for its crass commercialism, for the way it celebrated conformity and rejected heterodoxy, and mostly for often not being very creative or entertaining.

So this article from the New York Times has me chuckle.

What also has me chuckling is ads on free to air commercial TV here in Australia, extolling the virtues of… you guessed it free to air TV.*

Another Ad tries to imply that it has moulded Australian culture by ‘being there’ for all the culturally significant events of the last 60 years, think Olympics, Moon Walk, the Death of Diana etc.*

To which I say “pish” Good riddance Channel, Seven, Nine & Ten.

*I desperately want to find the videos of the advertisements, perhaps in a future post I shall post them here?



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