Some thoughts on privilege

The caravan park in beautiful autumn light; on one of our final days there.

For those of you who do not know me, I am having my house renovated. This has been going on since late October 2016. The process has placed many of the things I take for granted under a different light.

Last week we spent 7 days in a local caravan park. It was good to have some privacy and some basic amenities such as being able to wash dishes, at any time of the day or night it took me. However I have learned that perhaps the internet forms too much of a part of my life. You see the caravan park offered free wi-fi. This generally worked most days, but it had its moments and during the peak times it was unbearably slow. In the end I drove a short 15 minute drive to the University where I work part-time and used the Internet/Wi-fi there.

Today, I’m back home and part of the renovations have included wiring the house with Ethernet or CAT 5 cables as they are sometimes known. Now I have the dream setup with minimal cables showing, plenty of power points in every room, and more Internet data I can ever use in a month.

Life is almost back to its usual self.

All I need is a fully functioning kitchen, and the rest of the house’s electrical wiring completed.

While I was staying at the caravan park I took the time to wander the local area and was blessed with some wonderful light, the images I uploaded over a staggered period of time using the word press publish later option were all made in 2 shoots, one in the afternoon, the other in morning the following day. They seemed to have a struck a chord as my humble blog has seen a fair amount of traffic over the last few days.

Thank you everybody for taking the time to look. It makes me feel like I am not “pissing in the wind”. As a consequence I will create an album on flickr, from the shoot/s. Watch this space.

4 thoughts on “Some thoughts on privilege

  1. you are not pissing in the wind, Stuart 🙂

    Hope you will be settled in new home soon!


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