The Gifts of Good Pictures*

*When shared by great teachers.

I had the good fortune to attend a workshop run by one of my teachers from my University years this weekend.

Here’s a short clip to give you a sense of how he thinks and teaches about pictures.

Good fortune or common sense though its hard to tell. It was fantastic to sit down and be a student for a few hours. Les is a passionate and articulate teacher. He draws on many areas of the arts to demonstrate the ideas he is trying to convey. We listened to 2 versions of Brahm’s 1st Symphony, watched the opening sequence to a Howard Hawks Movie and spent a lot of time with a Botticelli painting and a Claude Lorraine painting.


Something that I hope to expand on in the coming years in my own pedagogy as well.


So I think this quote really sums up what keeps me going in the arts.

…often characterised photographs as either portraits (of things) or maps (of territories). Both are representations or translations, but they differ according to our investment in them. Just as understanding itself is made up of both what is conscious to us, and what is unknown, feared or misunderstood. Our pictures, like ourselves, are equally aware and filled with wondering. The instantaneous privilege of a photograph channels both what is seen and what is unseen; who we are and what we are becoming.

All in all; I am moved to get better at not only my teaching but my craft of good picture making.