Other Long Term Projects

I am interested in what goes on on both sides of the lens. The camera’s capacity to faithfully draw the world at any given moment on one side, and it’s ability to record my emotions thoughts and feelings on the other side.

I have several projects that explore the cerebral side of photography [what’s in front of the lens] particularly in relation to time. One project is only made possible by some work I do at a local University for a 12 weeks one semester per year. Which also happens to coincide with daylight saving and the change of seasons from Summer to Autumn.

Now that my phone camera shoots raw I am able really capture the nuances of the spectacular view that sweeps across the valley at the rear of the University.IMG_3334 - Version 2

4 thoughts on “Other Long Term Projects

    1. Thanks. My current phone, an iPhone 7 use with a 3rd party app called ProCamera helps the quality a lot. Mind you I’ve yet to make a print from this 6 month old camera.


  1. You only shoot with phone now? Refererring to your note about the shot from university.


    1. No I use anything and everything at hand. Teaching partime means carrying a light load literally so I usually only carry my phone. However that particular project is suited to the phone as I lay it directly against the glass to aid composition and to get past the ‘dirty window’.

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