Spare Moments

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Guess where… Melbourne?

I was fortunate to have some spare time this weekend, in between helping my friend Gary  edit his  photobook and unpacking the house as the renovations wind down. During some down time I showed him around my suburb, as he is from South Australia. The image above is a view that is going to be a  regular place I visit.

During his stay we talked of many things and I took away plenty of food for thought. Things like; what are the driving factors behind modern curators choices in exhibiting photographic art? The importance of photographing your ‘place’ in the here and now. The rate and significance of urban change; amongst many other things.


7 thoughts on “Spare Moments

  1. Pavel, to photograph a particular place such as Sunshine, where Stuart lives, you need to conceptualise what that place is and to figure your orientation to that place and how you will map it.


  2. Sunshine is changing rapidly from what I could see on my brief visit. The change needs to be photographed rather than just recorded. I would argue that Sunshine is your place. Place is tied up with memories.


    1. If that is the case, then my earliest memories of Melbourne are associated with suburbs elsewhere. Sunshine is a place I have lived for only the last 16 plus years, and I arrived wiht an adults sense of place and history, making me acutely aware of the changes going on around me.


  3. “The importance of photographing your ‘place’ in the here and now. “… I wonder about this thought.


    1. Good question, Pavel.
      I live in a place that is constantly in flux; the roots and history of the suburb where I call home or even my place are evolving and changing. Buildings and businesses change and move. This is an important aspect of our own history as a culture and needs to be recorded and remembered.
      But when you live somewhere, everything you “see” is always there tomorrow, but often gone at a moments notice. Gary’s Bowden Archive is a point in example. In the 1980s it was there and was about to change dramatically he spent many hours making pictures about the place, whether it was his ‘place’, only he can answer and my suburb is as best as I can tell is also my ‘place’. But I take it all for granted even as things change rapidly and often regret NOT making pictures of my place after it has changed.


      1. Thank you for feedback. I understand what you mean now.

        What confused me is when you wrote “here and now”. I have been following one photography blogger and he uses “here and now” to describe a philosophy of making photos. To photograph present moment, what is happening right now and right here….as opposed to….to go somewhere to make a photo which is different attitude. So, he puts “here and now” against “concepts”.


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