Instagram; advertising and algorithms?

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There has been plenty of talk of late at how Instagram’s use of algorithms has changed the experience of using the platform. I myself was skeptical for a long time but did feel I wasn’t seeing the images and image-makers I enjoyed or felt were making the most engaging work. Then over the last few days the ads returned, this time in full force. Last time, in what feels like more than 12 months ago, they appeared then briefly disappeared. In both instances I used the “report this material’ feature of the app to get rid of content I didn’t want to see, the Ads. This doesn’t seem to be working this time. So for a while I just flicked past the ads. All the while I’m contemplating deleting my account or at least closing it. Then today, I viewed instagram on my laptop using a web browser, hey presto all the ads were gone and I was seeing things posted chronologically. So if you are like me and am annoyed at the ads and the changes in how your fed is delivered, use the web version.

I will from now on.!


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