Photobook Publishing?

Bowden kids, Adelaide, copyright Gary Sauer-Thompson; used with permission

There is no doubt in many peoples minds that we are in the golden era of photobook publishing. Ever since I discovered photobooks as an undergrad in the mid 1980s I have wanted to have one of my work made.
Over the years I have used a variety of tools and techniques to make my own photobooks, all self published. Most are vanity projects. My first real attempt at something concrete has basically stalled with a few sales, and not showing the level of interest I would like to see moving forward.

A friend of mine is about to have his first photobook published and I have been fortunate to be have been involved in some of the early steps of the process. Gary’s book, The Bowden Archives is going to be a very interesting book, as both an archive of a place and as an expression of an idea of that place. All shot on film in a suburb of Adelaide during the 1980s Gary’s work is strong and considered. As an archive of an era and place alone it is an important work, it will also be an delightful rumination on analogue photography.

Wakefield Press are the publishers and I’ve been following Gary’s progress along with great interest. He will be the first photographer I personally know who has their work ‘published’. To say I am excited is to put it mildly.