More Annoucements!

2017__000109 - Version 2
This location is rumoured to have been a campsite for itinerant workers during the depression?

Recently I entered into and was selected to participate in a series of workshops run by SBS, & the CCP, in conjunction with Brimbank council on a photo documentary project about Sunshine.

Coincidentally I decided to undertake some professional development using a professional level medium format digital camera.

Combining both seemed natural so I’m out and about working with the School’s Phase One camera. This camera produces a 40 megabyte file and the memory card in it right now is 2 gigabytes. This gives me roughly 50 pictures before I need to download to a computer and resume shooting. My current laptop has no Firewire connectors that the camera uses so I need to return home and download my pictures to a computer before heading out again. This almost makes the process like working with film. A good thing unto itself.

Watch this space as I work over the next few weekends making work in my home suburb of Sunshine, on top of my already slowly ticking Tumblr.