A look at the year ahead!

This is year shaping up to be a promising one on many fronts. I am having a solo show that opens on the 9th of February 2018, and runs for a month. The show is titled ‘The natural, the constructed & the in-between’. It is being displayed at Sunshine Art Spaces, 2 City Place Sunshine, the opening celebration is on Saturday the 10th of February from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Pop in if your in the neighbourhood. This is my first solo show in over 10 years. My last solo show was at Trocadero Artspaces in 2007. Despite this I’m a little nervous as it also has a number of firsts for me. Those firsts are:-

  • a projection
  • all digital work

The issues that are foremost in my mind as a consequence are, colour management, as well as timing and duration of the slideshow. I have complete control over the timing and duration of the sideshow, but the colour management issue can only be tackled once I install the work in the space, later this week. Even then there are other colour  considerations to think of, such as colour temperature of the ambient light which will change every day depending on atmospheric conditions and time of day. It’s going to be an exciting show all round.

The other news looming on the horizon is, I am participating in 3 other  group exhibitions later this year.

These are

  • Brimbank council’s Cultural Diversity Week
  • Noir Darkroom’s invite group show entitled, ‘This Moment’, that “explores themes of stillness; of empty moments, passing time and the space between thoughts”.
  • A group show in Adelaide, yet be confirmed, that is a collaborative project between myself and Gary Sauer-Thompson, examining New Topographics in Melbourne.

The Brimbank council is exhibiting my as part of their Cultural Diversity Week next month 17th to 25th of March at the Brimbank Civic Centre. The images are A3 prints, and were from the project run in conjunction with SBS and Brimbank council, called the Sunshine Photo Project

Noir darkroom’s invitational exhibition runs from February 21st until March 18th in the main gallery at NOIR Darkroom.

The group show I’m having with Gary will be part of the SALA program and on display at Atkins Photo Lab gallery, in August. The images are yet to be created/chosen, but may look like the images below.

"... half past a nightmare" 95 x 95 cm Inkjet Print 2007

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  1. I always appreciate your work! Would love to see an exhibit one day. Best wishes and Cheers!


    1. Thanks for your kind words, maybe one day I’ll have work at a location more accessible to you, let’s hope!


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