My new obsession

We live in Melbourne’s West. About 10 kilometres from the city. We are fortunate to have a park at the end of our street, the park includes ovals for football and cricket, as well as a famous set of wheat silos.

The silos have been featured in several TV ads for Insurance and the Womens AFL amongst others. [Of course at this point I can find neither] Either way I have been madly photographing them.

_MG_3442 - Version 2

Living so close enables me to step out the front door at a minutes notices to capture them. Finding the best angle remains a challenge, but living so nearby means it is a case of rinse and repeat.

_MG_3438 - Version 2

The light at the moment makes it so easy.

_MG_3430 - Version 2

I started photographing them during the Sunshine Photo Project that was run by SBS and the CCP late in 2017. In the interim they have been vandalised so I began trying to capture those changes as they occurred. This then in turn turned into a mini-project unto itself. Light and other changes were the driving forces here.

_MG_3428 - Version 2