Old School. New School.

Researching analogue processes this week for work has lead me down a veritable rabbit hole of information. I am teaching a process that requires a certain level of finesse and attention to detail. Also this is a particular part of the process that I have not had to draw on in my own practice for some time so details are fuzzy in my own head.

During this research, I found numerous websites and forums that focused on this aspect of photography which also lead me to the joy of rediscovering amongst other things, ‘Usenet’ . Usenet is a bulletin board-like service with far ranging  topics and ideas. It was the real wild west of the internet era which has existed since 1979. Things have ticked away in this dusty corner of the internet and I am still chasing the information I need. But there is a ton of stuff to sift through.

Usenet interface
Usenet accessed using a Mac client called Unison

I also discovered the very useful site unblinkingeye.com, and the forum, phototrio. In some ways I’ve fallen in love with the internet all over again [even after 25 years of use] and am relishing the hours spent reading and thinking analysing the information presented to me.

Front Page of the Phototrio forum, 2018-06-12
Front Page of the Phototrio forum

Ultimately this will all help me in my own upcoming exhibition preparation, due to be hung early August as part of the SALA festival, curated by Gary in Adelaide.

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