Exhibition Preparations

Printing Preveiwing
My prints in my darkroom set-up to mull over and consider…

As I prepare for the exhibition in August that Gary has organised as part of SALA, I pin my prints to this wall and pop in and out of my darkroom to decide whether each prints needs more or less work and if the whole body is working cohesively.

So far things are all looking good. I had some good feedback about this work and 2 prints have been dropped as a consequence, thanks to Gary. I am still reprinting and am 2/3s of the way through making finished prints.

The top left image was made in 1992 or so. I have recently re-photogrpahed this image, and the changes are amazing.

Melbourne Circa 1992
CBD Skyline from North Melbourne circa 1992 [from a rough low resolution scan, directly from the contact print]
The image is the CBD from a bridge over the rail-yards near North Melbourne Station. Needless to say the world was a different place in 1992, and people wandering around with large format cameras caused noone much concern. Fast forward to this year and I now consider myself lucky to have been able to rephotograph this. The differences are very noticeable particularly at the eastern edge of the CBD. Other changes are in increase in vegetation a result I suspect of the change in use and frequency of access  to the areas around the train tracks. The 1992 negative prints rather well given that my skills and techniques have improved along with a change in film developers since making the negative, the 2018 version prints well too. The differences in light are initially the most apparent. I am reluctant to post the 2018 version as I am in negotiations about access to this part the industrial North some of the areas are on private property.

Currently I’m spending between a 1/2 day and 3 days a weekend in my darkroom making prints for the exhibition.  In between Gary and I have wandered North Melbourne and Sunshine, either scoping or making pictures for the exhibition he is curating in August in South Australia. I recently revisited North Melbourne alone in an area around Footscray Road under City link in a truck parking bay. It was a fruitful day and the negs are drying now.

Seven Rolls of 120 film await processing
Seven Rolls of 120 film await processing

I made very few digital pictures on the day.

West Melbourne, June 2018
West Melbourne, June 2018, , facing South East late in the afternoon


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