C Roads & Other Adventures?

Roadtrip 2018 07 11

One of my on again off again projects is entitled ‘C Roads & Other Adventures. It has its roots on flickr. It stems from my broader research on ideas about the flâneur and psychogeography. Most term breaks I try to squeeze in at least one day of extensive driving and one of ‘walking’ to build on this idea. This term break all I managed was one day of driving. Leaving home a little before 7:00am and returning well after dark around 7:00pm. In the spirit of a true flâneur I only planned to drive to Ararat, then find a ‘C road’ and follow it on a whim. Things were going smoothly until about 20 minutes east of Ararat it started to rain. It continued to rain for nearly an hour. I had not thought to pack any wet weather gear. This almost thwarted the day. I followed my instincts though and kept driving towards Halls Gap and by the time I reached Lake Bellfield on the Western side of the town it had all but stopped raining. I was blessed with pleasant weather for the remainder of the day, some light showers low cloud and sunshine all made for interesting experience and I hope interesting pictures.

MG 4983  Version 2
Fog and infrastructure Lake Bellfeild, Grampians
MG 4987  Version 2
BBQ, picnic spot at Lake Bellfield. Grampians

On these trips I usually take all my camera gear from my iPhone to my 5×4 inch film camera. This trip included a borrowed Canon 5D MkII. I also organised enough equipment to be self sufficient for an entire day, as often on these trips send me in search of a coffee and some lunch. I carried enough gear to get me by for stopping once for coffee and once for lunch. Over lunch I looked at and assessed a map  and found a suitable route in the direction of home that would keep me off the A and B roads and hopefully on ‘C roads‘. Reading this kind of paper map is far superior to using an ‘app’, you can quickly and easily get a sense of where to head. I find apps or rather the screen you view them on too difficult to really see all the roads at once  and give a sense overview in terms of destination.  The western districts are flat and full of sheep farms with some wheat as well, so sadly  I only managed to head in the direction that wasn’t that interesting in the end.  There was a subtext to this too, in a few weeks I am driving one of my prints in a frame to an exhibition that Gary has organised in Adelaide. So I wanted to see how things went before I actually undertake that trip; one that will be more than 2 days in total, with an over night stay en-route. All the gear I needed work well, and I anticipate things will go smoothly on the next trip however I will add an extra tripod and wet weather gear next time too.

IMG 8809  Version 2
My kit in the back of my car after lunch
IMG 8802  Version 2
Lunch in what was a picturesque spot complete with Wallabies!

Having already assessed the DSLR pictures and the iPhone ones I can comfortably say that I made enough successful ones to stock up on some of the stock sites I submit too, and use some here but that’s about all. The film shots, 120 and 5”x4″ are yet to be processed so it will be some time before I can do much with them anyway.

MG 5022  Version 2
Old habits die hard, a landscape picture.
MG 5055  Version 3
Wallabies graze at the campsite where I had lunch
MG 5084  Version 2
This picture does not do this spot justice, tucked away off a ‘C road’ C 216.


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  1. You need to buy a high quality swag. Or a good tent and sleeping bag. Either of these would give you much more flexibility on a road trip.


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