Annnnd We’re Back!

Australian new topographic landscape
A new angle on the silos in Parsons reserve seen from Central Avenue

Yes dear reader; or is that readers? We have been somewhat quiet around these parts. With days to go to the summer holidays here in Australia, I have some catching up to do.

So. Let’s begin.

I bought a new camera at last. A Canon Powershot 9GX MkII. To say I am impressed with it is to put things mildly. More to come over the coming weeks as I utilise the long days here to maximise my picture making opportunities. A small sample can be found over on my account . I will make a print or two as well to see how it handles that medium and size.

I exhibited in 2 exhibitions this year, a solo exhibition and a small group exhibition. The solo show was a real steep learning curve for me. The main takeaway  was it taught a lot about digital image processing. The group show was equally nerve racking as I was having some trouble with my processing of my silver gelatin prints and didn’t want to waste too much paper getting the work ready. To counter this I down sized the images to 12 x 16 paper. I solved my processing problem, so moving forward that body of work will get printed in 16 x 20 paper from now on.

As an extension to one of the exhibitions from this year I have begun to revisit parts of North Melbourne as the Metro tunnel is about to radically change the appearance of the area. Gary and I are both working on a project that is a collaboration. We plan to exhibit the work in a gallery sometime in the not too distant future. I have some archival imagery but now want to add to it by making more analogue pictures mostly on 5 x 4 inch film.

I am about to apply for another solo exhibition at my local community arts space. Initially I was worried I didn’t have enough work. now it seems I might get 2 or 3 shows from the negatives I have now. I am still photographing in and around Sunshine. I am working on 2 projects simultaneously, one digital the other analogue.

On a personal note I worked with a bunch of the very dedicated and hardworking students this year and am looking forward to teaching some of them next year. I also reconnected with an old friend while she was in Australia. We had several long chats and she was very inspirational in her thoughts about our paths and how they had been intertwined.