New Location?

A new location in Kensington, part of Drossscapes of Melbourne. Trains pylons and the CBD in the background
Trains streak past with the CBD in the background
2019-01-10 16:06:35 Canon G9X MkII 1/200 @ f11

Driving around Kensington on Thursday I popped into this new car park that I had spotted earlier in the day from a train ride into the city. Further evidence of the rapid changes going on in this part of town. I can only speculate that this is for the soon to be redeveloped South Kensington train station.

layers and textures of a car park in Kensington, West of the CBD.
Textures and layers
2019-01-10 15:58:36 Canon G9X Mk II 1/125 @ f11

The graphic starkness of the site was what originally drew me in to make pictures. These will quickly disappear as the car park is used more often. January is a relatively quiet month in Melbourne. I suspect most big cities in Australia would be this way. So I have some time left yet.

Another reason I was drawn to this location was the sightline to the city. I shall return on a weekend when it is more like to be empty. Giving more and different picture opportunities there. Hopefully capturing the CBD in a different composition and light.

graphic overload in a carpark west of Melbourne
Graphic overload
2019-01-10 15:55:32 1/250 @ f11 Canon G9X MkII