Never before published [TYAT]

Flowerdale bushfire devastation 2009-02-23 13:52:32

I have never published this image anywhere since making it in 2009. My intentions were about respect and privacy. I’m glad I made the pictures. I was quite hesitant at the time. I have a handful of pictures on flickr I made as well on public land.

4 thoughts on “Never before published [TYAT]

    1. I never intentionally trespass. These pictures were in a natural disaster zone. People had died in some places. I technically need people’s permission make pictures and publish them when made on private properties. I never sought hat permission and out of respect for the victims I never until now published them anywhere.


      1. I see. This case was sensitive. But I personally trespass all the time. Not to people’s property, but rather to property (private) like factories etc.


        1. Yes I understand factories and industrial sites ar my main subject matter as well.


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