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24 Chapman Street, Sunshine, 2019-03-22 @ 17:06:28

For those of you who may not know, I am currently working on many projects both digital and analogue. At the same time I am reading and researching as much as time and energy permits. 

Last weekend also saw me at the Melbourne Art Book Fair. To say I enjoyed myself would be an understatement. I met several people who had interesting things to share about photobooks. The making, conceiving and selling of them. I spent far too much money on books as well, but am glad I bought the three I did. One book titled ‘Luigi Ghirri The Map And The Territory’ is a great source of inspiration. Another I bought is an important text by Allan Sekula, titled ‘Fish Story’. I bought this book for its historical significance. I am glad publishers like Mack books in the UK are republishing these texts.

One of my digital projects feels like it maybe taking a temporary hiatus. I began my pc3020 tumblr in June 2017. I have worked on it in fits and starts. Generally I will spend time on a weekend or during term breaks making as many pictures as I can. I then edit and process them. Next I queue them up to load onto tumblr automatically. I have been doing this on and off since the project started, never quite getting close to the end of the queue. Yet. This though week I sat down and looked at the queue and realised I had only 2 weeks to top the queue up. I have added some more images to the queue since then. Still this has me wondering, have I reached an end to the project or do I need to take a break? For example one location that I have been watching is, the former Britax Factory site. It is showing signs of movement as I wandered back from the chemist today.

The two pictures featured here today were a result of wandering to the shops and back. The first image made me realise this body of work maybe morphing into one that focusses on the silos at the end of our street. So later that evening before Nik & I went on out for dinner I walked up the street to get a another version.

24 Chapman Street, Sunshine. Part of my Tumblr project
24 Chapman Street, Sunshine 2019-03-22 17:06:28

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