Melbourne Art Book Fair 2019

The National Gallery of Victoria recently had a festival of design, Melbourne Design Week. Part of this festival is the Melbourne Art Book Fair. I take part each year wth the Melbourne Photobook Collective. I am still selling the same books since we began, and they are slowly getting sold. I have a couple of ideas I want to explore moving forward. I learned a lot this year after speaking to a handful of people. The person I who offered the most was Libby from Momento Pro

Melbourne Art Book Fair Day two before the doors opened.
Melbourne Photobook Collective’s stand day two before the doors opened
Day Three before the crowds

Using Momento Pro’s pro member service allows for more flexibility in how I can put my book together. I especially like the idea of odd sizes and other extras like slipcases. They use a high quality printer as well. I have it on good authority that this printer is the best on the market.

So it looks like my next few books will be made this way.

If you want a copy of my book, ‘What’s the ugliest part of your body’ contact me, it costs $15.00 plus postage.