Solo Show Preparations

First edit for my 2019 solo print show

I have begun editing down the 40 or so pictures I had printed as work prints.I am now ready to print them as finished works totalling 14. This first edit above didn’t sit well with me initially.

Second edit; almost there.

I added and subtracted until I got the 14 above. Now as I look at them I can see a way to connect them together. My first decision was to begin and end with an image about 20 years apart. After this I loosely organised them by shape and location. Now after looking at them in isolation I can see that the horizon line can be used to tie them all together. The only remaining question now is size? Originally I was going to have 12 to 14 small 17×17 cm prints. But now I’m not so sure. I can easily print larger as all the pictures are made with a Hasellblad. Grain and contrast won’t be a problem as a consequence. Cost of course rise as I then need bigger frames and more archival mount board.