Side by side comparison iPhone 7 & iPhone XS

Here are two images made on the same spot, albeit under different lighting conditions, and two ¬†months apart using the iPhone 7 and the iPhone XS. I didn’t quite match the compositions either.

iPhone 7 picture from July
iPhone 7 picture from July, corner Stanford and couch Streets, Sunshine
iPhone XS picture from September
iPhone XS picture from September, corner Stanford & Couch Streets, Sunshine
100% crop of the iPhone 7 picture
100% crop of the iPhone 7 picture
100% crop of the iPhone XS picture
100% crop of the iPhone XS picture


Apple’s Photos App

Apple has a long history of making great software aimed at professional creatives, Aperture for photographers, Final Cut pro for videographers, and editors, Logic Pro for audio creatives etc. Sadly Apple has been progressively been dropping support for these applications. From where I sit, they see their growing client base in the average consumer who… Continue reading Apple’s Photos App

Everything in photography is a tradeoff

Or things I love about my new iPhone 7. I’ve had my new iPhone 7 almost a week. So far I’m pretty happy with it. Some of the things that have impressed me so far are; battery life, the haptic feedback, and of course the camera. So far I have gotten a sold 24 hours… Continue reading Everything in photography is a tradeoff

iPhone 7 Camera

I recently took delivery of my new iPhone, the iPhone 7. So far I am very happy with it, all of my phones since my Sony Ericsson C902 have simply served as a small pocket camera with the advantage of making phone calls and using other online services, this phone is no exception. My phone… Continue reading iPhone 7 Camera