New Old Locations

I recently created a new album on flickr, it’s a small repository of images I intend to re-potograph.


The idea was sparked by the above image, which is a place I drive past often and have watched it change dramatically over the years. When I made this picture in 2005 the small group of factories had just been finished.


Over the years small firms have come and gone, painted and repainted the walls. The inevitable graffiti has been there so long I can’t remember when it first appeared? So I went to re-photograph it on Tuesday, and in the process found a part of Sunshine I had not seen before. While this location is technically outside my pc3020 Tumblr boundary I may add some images to it from the day. I will return with film cameras soon too, as there were trees that I think would work well with my ongoing trees idea, and if my solo exhibition about Sunshine gets off the ground I could include images made from there as well.

Here’s a few more images made on the day.

A mix of man made and natural each compete for survival
A mix of man made and natural each compete for survival
Signs of repatriation and devastation natural and constructed
Signs of repatriation and devastation natural and constructed
Freight Rail bridge, young gum tree and factories
Freight Rail bridge, young gum tree and factories
Picturesque or soul destroying?
Picturesque or soul destroying?



Chance, timing and the surprise of photography

running man in subway
A chance encounter in a Hong Kong Subway in 2005

I made  this picture in a subway under one of the major roads in Hong Kong in 2005. I don’t remember the specifics of it, but it was a happy accident and I’ve never been able to recreate or create a similar image to it.

Photography can be a gift giver, this image a point in case. So even armed with the data needed to recreate this, I doubt I could. I am always pleased when the one eyed machine called a camera revels the world in new and mysterious ways, it would be wonderful if it happened more often.

Sadly this was made at a time when digital storage was prohibitively expensive, compared to analogue storage and has only been kept as a small file. As a consequence it will never been printed, large anyway. Perhaps in a small book. We shall see?

On the edges

MG 5436  Version 2
West Footscray, near the recent fire

I went in search of the source of the recent fire that consumed a factory in Melbourne’s western suburbs recently. The smoke had died down, but it was still NOT extinguished 3 days after it broke out. Using my local knowledge of the area I drove down 2 streets that may have gained me closer access to the source of the fire. While I did not succeed in this endeavour I got to see a part of my local area I had not visited for some time, if  at all. This is what I found, and it is almost pastoral in its appearance.

Everything came together the light, the weather, it was meant to be. This has to be one of my least ‘processed’ files in a long time. Which makes it even more exciting for me. Sadly it does not fit into my long form tumblr project pc:3020, because it is not in that postcode.

My Locations & Motivations

I had to recently write an artist biography for the exhibition at Atkins Photo Lab. I was advised that it would be helpful to explain to non-photographers why I make pictures of the places I do. It is something that I had not given much thought to for some time. So why do I photograph… Continue reading My Locations & Motivations