Southbank 2019-01-18 18:38:58

I spent Friday, wandering between exhibitions and other locations I wanted to visit. All on foot. The light this summer has been softer than usual. I’ve been trying to exploit this. I walked back from dropping my car off for a service on Monday too. So my main digital project on Tumblr, pc30320, got a nudge forward this week.

The Vault, a controversial sculpture has been in this location outside the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art since 2002. I have various pictures of it as it has been moved. It has its own group on flickr as well.

The Vault sometime in the late 80s early 1990s by the Yarra River.

It is to my mind an interesting sculpture, but one that requires to the space to step back and take in the whole object from a distance. This is easily achievable at its current location.


As an educator I often refer my students to glossaries of terms. Photography as a skill and craft is peppered with unfamiliar terms, I wrote one such glossary for our student’s use. This week I uncovered another useful one, from the University of Chicago. Its focus is on ‘Theories of Media‘ but of course photography figures largely… Continue reading Glossaries?

Bill Cunningham [Unpublished Photos]

Bill Cunningham was a New York Based, bicycle riding street and Fashion Photographer, who worked for the New York Times from 1978 till his death  in 2016. He was somewhat of cult figure in photography circles, there was even a documentary made of him in his final years. Today the New York Times have published… Continue reading Bill Cunningham [Unpublished Photos]

Great News For Melbourne Artists

Artbank is moving in Melbourne! Artbank has two core objectives – supporting artists through the acquisition of their work and promoting that work to the broader community. After more than a decade working out of an office and showroom in Armadale, Artbank has commenced converting of a warehouse in Collingwood that will house the collection,… Continue reading Great News For Melbourne Artists