Views to die for?

Nearly 30,000 views in one day!

My view stats spike like this on occasion on flickr. Interestingly the majority come from Android mobile devices?


Flickr! Schwag!

A parcel from flickr!

Recently I reached out to the new owner of Flickr about Schwag. Much to my delight and surprise I received a response and the schwag arrived Friday in the mail!

In flickr’s early days all that was required to receive schwag was to plan a meet up. This was done by a local group of photographers based in Melbourne. I know others occurred around the world. Lots of fun was had by all and eventually a ‘group exhibition‘ was organised.

Flickr’s cultural reach?

This past weekend I spent in Sydney. I looked at some interesting exhibitions, one at the MCA and the other at the State Libray of New South Wales. The MCA exhibition will have had plenty written about it already so I’m not saying much here, or perhaps save for another post. I want to talk… Continue reading Flickr’s cultural reach?

TYAT [Ten Years Ago Today]

Ten years ago today I made this picture.

2009-01-25 19:08:09
Religious Figurines in a shop window.

Based on the date and time, I have no idea where I was when I made it. I do however know why I made it.

At this point in my flickr experience I am well and truly enmeshed in a game played on flickr that involved voting for and against other peoples camera-phone pictures. It was called DBOLRL. It was an acronym, it stood for something like Diabolical Lovers of Low Res, apparently. I didn’t setup the group up, but by 2009 was an admin and a very very regular player. Winning photos were deposited in another group called the DBLOLR Hard DiskĀ . The losing pictures were deposited in a group called, DBLOLR: I’m a loser.

As each image moved through the voting process, it garnered a lot of banter. Sometimes this banter overflowed to other text based games in the discussions areas of the group or became running in-jokes.

Plastic religious figurines was one of those jokes. This is why I made the picture.

It has yet to make its way to flickr but given the group like so many others has faded away I have no real reason to upload it. Even though thematically it would fit with my current picture in my stream. [More than one figure]

This is how I operate on flickr. I look for connections from one photo to the next by perusing my archive. I look for all kinds of connections. some are literal, some are colour, tone or shape related. Not to mention lighting qualities and direction. Sometimes I pick an opposite, and even at times the connection is conceptual which in itself may only be apparent to me. It is a pleasurable past time. It keeps my stream fresh and worth visiting in my mind anyway.

What is flickr?

Again I am moved to write a short piece about flickr. Partially because I have really been spending a great deal of time there but also because things are changing rapidly. And I have set up a group to try and gather some of the old timers.

One of my contacts has shared a picture that uses a tool that flickr is so good at delivering. The notes tool it is great fun. It’s a bit like hashtags on Instagram and twitter, they add a layer of context and even more meaning to a picture, but rather than me bang on about it, have a look at this picture by Cogblogdog

Cogblogdogs note laden picture on flickr utilises flickr notes really well.
Click through to flickr to see the notes in al their glory!

Celebrating Eleven Years in the Flickr Commons | Picture This: Library of Congress Prints & Photos

Celebrating Eleven Years in the Flickr Commons. A blog post at “Picture This: Library of Congress Prints & Photos” on 2019-01-16.

Source: Celebrating Eleven Years in the Flickr Commons | Picture This: Library of Congress Prints & Photos

Who says Flickr is NOT important?

By the way, there are several state institutions and large image archives on flickr as well. The SLV has a presence as does the NSWSL, and QSL