Side by side comparison iPhone 7 & iPhone XS

Here are two images made on the same spot, albeit under different lighting conditions, and two  months apart using the iPhone 7 and the iPhone XS. I didn’t quite match the compositions either.

iPhone 7 picture from July
iPhone 7 picture from July, corner Stanford and couch Streets, Sunshine

iPhone XS picture from September
iPhone XS picture from September, corner Stanford & Couch Streets, Sunshine

100% crop of the iPhone 7 picture
100% crop of the iPhone 7 picture

100% crop of the iPhone XS picture
100% crop of the iPhone XS picture


C Roads & Other Adventures?

One of my on again off again projects is entitled ‘C Roads & Other Adventures. It has its roots on flickr. It stems from my broader research on ideas about the flâneur and psychogeography. Most term breaks I try to squeeze in at least one day of extensive driving and one of ‘walking’ to build… Continue reading C Roads & Other Adventures?

Three times a year…

we celebrate the three significant dates in our lives, 2 birthdays and a wedding anniversary. This weekend was one of those events, we spent the night at a fancy hotel in South Yarra. These hotels have spectacular views of the surrounding metropolis. I could not help myself and made a few pictures as the sun… Continue reading Three times a year…