TyYAT [Twenty Years Ago Today]

Twenty years ago, in April 1999, I was on a long road trip as part of a larger and very personal search. At the time all I had was a tiny yet expensive digital camera made by Kodak a DC 20. I of course carried medium and large format film cameras, and this images will one day resurface as prints for one reason or another.

Quoting others?

What museum curators liked and encouraged when access to art was location limited, the access to the work was scarce, and the work itself was expensive to create, no longer has much, if any, connection to the value of art in the current age. It might for collectors but not for most creators, appreciators and users of the work. “

Experiments in publishing?

From April 15th Craig Mod is shunting off on a 1,000 kilometer walk across a chunk of Japan. Six planned weeks, possibly a few more. The trails and sub-trails he will be walking are numerous, but broadly speaking, he is walking from Tokyo to Kyoto along the historic Nakasendo highway.
From April 15th Craig Mod is shunting off on a 1,000 kilometre walk across a chunk of Japan.

I just signed up for this interesting SMS publishing experiment. From an artist in Japan, Craig Mod.

The premise is simple and something I long wondered about. He will text an image once a day over six weeks as he walks 1000 kilometres in Japan.

Read more?

Thanks to Andy Adams and twitter for the heads up.

Solo Exhibition Details?

scan of a silver gelatin print from my upcoming solo exhibition

My upcoming solo show dates have been confirmed. The dates are 24th April to the 30th May. The opening celebration is from 4:00pm to 6:00pm on Saturday the 27th of April, at Sunshine Art Spaces, City Place Sunshine. My fresh box of paper arrived today. So now I need to find and confirm frame sizes before I start the final preparations for this solo show.

More Solo Show Preparations


This is the new edit with the connections between images in place. Sometimes you need to see these things in the flesh. This may change. I am expecting a batch of paper soon. So I may go bigger yet before mounting and installing later this month.

Solo Show Preparations

First edit for my 2019 solo print show

I have begun editing down the 40 or so pictures I had printed as work prints.I am now ready to print them as finished works totalling 14. This first edit above didn’t sit well with me initially.

Second edit; almost there.

I added and subtracted until I got the 14 above. Now as I look at them I can see a way to connect them together. My first decision was to begin and end with an image about 20 years apart. After this I loosely organised them by shape and location. Now after looking at them in isolation I can see that the horizon line can be used to tie them all together. The only remaining question now is size? Originally I was going to have 12 to 14 small 17×17 cm prints. But now I’m not so sure. I can easily print larger as all the pictures are made with a Hasellblad. Grain and contrast won’t be a problem as a consequence. Cost of course rise as I then need bigger frames and more archival mount board.

Layer upon layer…

Phone cameras in the beginning had a perceived short coming of making everything in focus. I never saw it that way and loved to exploit this idea by photographing windows and reflections.

Based on the window contents I’m guessing I was in Acland Street, St.Kilda on this day ten years ago. There are several long established cake shops here. It has over the years however evolved into a bit of a backpacker hotspot.

Cafe Style

2009-03-28 10:25:05

The only picture I made on this day ten years ago. A cafe somewhere in Melbourne’s inner west.

I’m still surprised that I managed to make interesting pictures with my humble Sony Ericsson C902. At the time it was producing a larger file than the iPhone. I waited until the iPhone 4 was released before I switched.