The Trove and The National Library of Australia

The National Library of Australia embraced online culture very early on in Australian internet culture. It has archived many blogs, mine included and since about 2009 run a picture archive that draws directly from flickr. If you want to see my pictures there use this link,  . The project is called Trove I have 500+ images… Continue reading The Trove and The National Library of Australia

Thorn in the side of photography?

Lewis Bush, recently claimed he had finished writing on his blog, then another article appeared. What a ripper it was. He has thrown down the gauntlet for anyone aspiring to take up the cause of being a thorn in the side of photography. With a short list of points to help one get started. I must admit… Continue reading Thorn in the side of photography?


Yet another new blog, this time on Tumblr, part of a larger marketing plan, and loosely related to book making. The address is Once I have caught up with uploading all the content things will tick along much more slowly. Today’s fun fact, there is a daily limit on how many picture per day… Continue reading YANB!

Darkroom work?

This year I have spent more time in my darkoom than I can remember since I built it in 2002. The second group exhibition I’m involved in opens on Saturday the 1st of October 2016, and is on view until, the 4th of November, at the ‘Light Gallery’ at the  CCP, 138 Richmond Road, Marleston,… Continue reading Darkroom work?

Some Photography Links

Thanks to AD Coleman on Photocritic international, I stumbled upon some interesting photo book sites. They are in, no particular order:- The Photo Book Tattered & Lost Photographs Photographers Speak AD Coleman is an ¬†interesting character and a thorough Journalist, I highly recommend reading his work in both its printed form and his online writings.… Continue reading Some Photography Links