Robert Capa’s Famous Pictures; 75 years on.

Robert Capa famoulsy covered the D-day landing at Omaha beach in Normandy France. The ICP in New York has dug into its archive and presented one of the few images to survive the event. The story behind the surviving few frames made that day by Capa are amongst the most contested images ever made. A.… Continue reading Robert Capa’s Famous Pictures; 75 years on.

Reading Research Results?

I have several texts on photography that lie around the house and I pick up when I feel the urge. One of these is called ‘Pictures Not Taken‘. It is a collection of short essays by many photographers who describe a picture not made, whether for technical, physical, moral or ethical reasons. My favourite is… Continue reading Reading Research Results?

Minor White Archive!

Today it has been announced that Princeton University have released their Minor White Archive as a web site. This is my favourite image by him and one of my all time favourite images in the history of photography. Some of the reasons I like it are: it poses more questions than it answers it elegantly… Continue reading Minor White Archive!