Solo Show Preparations

First edit for my 2019 solo print show

I have begun editing down the 40 or so pictures I had printed as work prints.I am now ready to print them as finished works totalling 14. This first edit above didn’t sit well with me initially.

Second edit; almost there.

I added and subtracted until I got the 14 above. Now as I look at them I can see a way to connect them together. My first decision was to begin and end with an image about 20 years apart. After this I loosely organised them by shape and location. Now after looking at them in isolation I can see that the horizon line can be used to tie them all together. The only remaining question now is size? Originally I was going to have 12 to 14 small 17×17 cm prints. But now I’m not so sure. I can easily print larger as all the pictures are made with a Hasellblad. Grain and contrast won’t be a problem as a consequence. Cost of course rise as I then need bigger frames and more archival mount board.

Layer upon layer…

Phone cameras in the beginning had a perceived short coming of making everything in focus. I never saw it that way and I love to exploit this idea by photographing windows and reflections.

Based on the window contents I’m guessing I was in Acland Street, St.Kilda on this day ten years ago. There are several long established cake shops here. It has over the years however evolved into a bit of a backpacker hotspot. Judge that any way you see fit?

Cafe Style

2009-03-28 10:25:05

The only picture I made on this day ten years ago. A cafe somewhere in Melbourne’s inner west.

I’m still surprised that I managed to make interesting pictures with my humble Sony Ericsson C902. At the time it was producing a larger file than the iPhone. I waited until the iPhone 4 was released before I switched.

Melbourne Art Book Fair 2019

The National Gallery of Victoria recently had a festival of design,┬áMelbourne Design Week. Part of this festival is the Melbourne Art Book Fair. I take part each year wth the Melbourne Photobook Collective. I am still selling the same books since we began, and they are slowly getting sold. I have a couple of ideas… Continue reading Melbourne Art Book Fair 2019

Clumsy Abstraction?

2009-03-25 07:32:28

This picture made ten years ago today is a clumsy attempt at an abstraction. I have no idea where I was when I made it? Based on date and time I suspect I was on my way to work and it is perhaps a piece of public transport infrastructure. Is this a case of too many pictures?

Something I have noticed in trawling my archives is that I was much more experimental in my approach using these early phone cameras. Looking back on them some are pleasing and interesting. I feel now that my phone has a much better camera, including software to operate it, I now take less risks. Also I maybe focussing on achieving a more recognisable outcomes instead of a try it and see approach.