Luminar 3.0

I am excited to announce that I have been able to upgrade my copy of Luminar, to version 3.0. This version has libraries. Roughly 80 to 90 percent of my digital work is spent looking at and sorting though my library or Catalogue as Adobe calls it. This means that maybe I may soon be able to stop relying on Adobe in particular with my use of Lightroom. As I have only had my copy since late Sunday I have not had as much time as I’d like to play around with it. So far on my 2011 model iMac with a SSD hard drive and 16 gig of ram it performs adequately. The long part of the process will be importing the 200k plus image I have stored on an external drive. A job that will take days initially but once completed worth the effort.

I fortunately found this online quick-start tutorial and it has helped me jump hough a couple of simple hoops and helped me decide how to move forward with this application. I’m sure there will be features added over time. I would prefer to see more metadata, per file and a way to quickly sort based on this metadata. The preferences pane seems very light on at the moment too. But really any program that can position itself to compete with the behemoth that is Adobe is worthy of an investment in cash and time.


Annnnd We’re Back!

Yes dear reader; or is that readers? We have been somewhat quiet around these parts. With days to go to the summer holidays here in Australia, I have some catching up to do. So. Let’s begin. I bought a new camera at last. A Canon Powershot 9GX MkII. To say I am impressed with it… Continue reading Annnnd We’re Back!

Planned Solo Exhibition?

I am planning on applying for a solo show in the near future at my local community gallery.

The exhibit will be about my experience of Sunshine, in the last 18 years, we moved here in 2000. Initially when I thought of the idea I imagined I would have plenty of imagery. Well after 3 or 4 sessions printing, not so many it seems. This will impact on the timeline for when I exhibit and which dates will suit me.

Here are 18 prints chosen so far. By my calculation 20 to 25 would be a more desirable number. This means more shooting, not a bad thing, I’m just surprised at how few good images I have?


Rapid Changes

The Old Huntsman Building visible after the tree removal
The Old Huntsman Building from Somerville Road

Until recently this image would not have been possible. The Huntsman site has been closed for at least 9 years now, and the front was obscured by trees.

There are major infrastructure works going on in and around Sunshine that will continue on for several years. I presume that the removal of the trees in and around this site for part of these infrastructure projects.

As these do not fall within my pc 3020 Tumblr boundaries I may or may not add them to that Tumblr project. Given that these pictures were made early in spring in the morning means the backlit sky was not too much of problem but in summer I would need to arrive here before the sun rose or as it set in the west. It was a bleak and brisk spring morning this day.

A row of trees used to shell the interior of this site
A row of trees used to shield the interior of this site
Some trees remain, but for how long?
Some trees remain, but for how long?

Side by side comparison iPhone 7 & iPhone XS

Here are two images made on the same spot, albeit under different lighting conditions, and two  months apart using the iPhone 7 and the iPhone XS. I didn’t quite match the compositions either.

iPhone 7 picture from July
iPhone 7 picture from July, corner Stanford and couch Streets, Sunshine
iPhone XS picture from September
iPhone XS picture from September, corner Stanford & Couch Streets, Sunshine
100% crop of the iPhone 7 picture
100% crop of the iPhone 7 picture
100% crop of the iPhone XS picture
100% crop of the iPhone XS picture


On the edges

MG 5436  Version 2
West Footscray, near the recent fire

I went in search of the source of the recent fire that consumed a factory in Melbourne’s western suburbs recently. The smoke had died down, but it was still NOT extinguished 3 days after it broke out. Using my local knowledge of the area I drove down 2 streets that may have gained me closer access to the source of the fire. While I did not succeed in this endeavour I got to see a part of my local area I had not visited for some time, if  at all. This is what I found, and it is almost pastoral in its appearance.

Everything came together the light, the weather, it was meant to be. This has to be one of my least ‘processed’ files in a long time. Which makes it even more exciting for me. Sadly it does not fit into my long form tumblr project pc:3020, because it is not in that postcode.