New Year, New Research

Late last year I was invited to participate in two long term photograph projects. These projects both focus on aspects of Rural Australia. Gary, the lead photographer lives in South Australia. We are already collaborating on a project that examines the changing inner west of Melbourne’s old industrial suburbs like North, and West Melbourne and… Continue reading New Year, New Research


As we begin another 12 months of our existence on the third rock from the sun. I am reminded of the idea of time. Many folks no doubt would have spent last night partying until midnight or beyond cheering out the old and inviting the new year in. Convinced in the idea that somehow their lives would take an abrupt change or start fresh. Of course years, hours, and minutes are a human construct so any changes that occur in the natural world are not contingent on calendars or clocks. And in my mind only people who want to change do.

Time and photography is something that interests me though. I’m enthralled and excited at how cameras blur, distort and freeze time in ways the human eye and mind is incapable of seeing.

Spencer Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 2017-0-09 17:20:25
Cremorne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 2015-10-06 19:02:23

Over the years I have created several flukes and some surprising images, two examples are above.

Richmond, Melbourne, Vidtoria, Australia 2005-10-20 18:49:09

However my most surprising is this one below.

Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 2015-06-26 16:33:25

I have for some years been trying to create a body of work that explores the idea of time and chance. Or is that Abstraction and chance? I will continue for the foreseeable future to work on this project. For the time being most of these images as they are digital will reside on the web. Who knows though? Maybe I’ll have a enough material for a photobook?

Planned Solo Exhibition?

I am planning on applying for a solo show in the near future at my local community gallery.

The exhibit will be about my experience of Sunshine, in the last 18 years, we moved here in 2000. Initially when I thought of the idea I imagined I would have plenty of imagery. Well after 3 or 4 sessions printing, not so many it seems. This will impact on the timeline for when I exhibit and which dates will suit me.

Here are 18 prints chosen so far. By my calculation 20 to 25 would be a more desirable number. This means more shooting, not a bad thing, I’m just surprised at how few good images I have?


Rapid Changes

The Old Huntsman Building visible after the tree removal
The Old Huntsman Building from Somerville Road

Until recently this image would not have been possible. The Huntsman site has been closed for at least 9 years now, and the front was obscured by trees.

There are major infrastructure works going on in and around Sunshine that will continue on for several years. I presume that the removal of the trees in and around this site for part of these infrastructure projects.

As these do not fall within my pc 3020 Tumblr boundaries I may or may not add them to that Tumblr project. Given that these pictures were made early in spring in the morning means the backlit sky was not too much of problem but in summer I would need to arrive here before the sun rose or as it set in the west. It was a bleak and brisk spring morning this day.

A row of trees used to shell the interior of this site
A row of trees used to shield the interior of this site

Some trees remain, but for how long?
Some trees remain, but for how long?

New Old Locations

I recently created a new album on flickr, it’s a small repository of images I intend to re-potograph.


The idea was sparked by the above image, which is a place I drive past often and have watched it change dramatically over the years. When I made this picture in 2005 the small group of factories had just been finished.


Over the years small firms have come and gone, painted and repainted the walls. The inevitable graffiti has been there so long I can’t remember when it first appeared? So I went to re-photograph it on Tuesday, and in the process found a part of Sunshine I had not seen before. While this location is technically outside my pc3020 Tumblr boundary I may add some images to it from the day. I will return with film cameras soon too, as there were trees that I think would work well with my ongoing trees idea, and if my solo exhibition about Sunshine gets off the ground I could include images made from there as well.

Here’s a few more images made on the day.

A mix of man made and natural each compete for survival
A mix of man made and natural each compete for survival

Signs of repatriation and devastation natural and constructed
Signs of repatriation and devastation natural and constructed

Freight Rail bridge, young gum tree and factories
Freight Rail bridge, young gum tree and factories

Picturesque or soul destroying?
Picturesque or soul destroying?


C Roads & Other Adventures?

One of my on again off again projects is entitled ‘C Roads & Other Adventures. It has its roots on flickr. It stems from my broader research on ideas about the flâneur and psychogeography. Most term breaks I try to squeeze in at least one day of extensive driving and one of ‘walking’ to build… Continue reading C Roads & Other Adventures?