Luminar 3.0

I am excited to announce that I have been able to upgrade my copy of Luminar, to version 3.0. This version has libraries. Roughly 80 to 90 percent of my digital work is spent looking at and sorting though my library or Catalogue as Adobe calls it. This means that maybe I may soon be able to stop relying on Adobe in particular with my use of Lightroom. As I have only had my copy since late Sunday I have not had as much time as I’d like to play around with it. So far on my 2011 model iMac with a SSD hard drive and 16 gig of ram it performs adequately. The long part of the process will be importing the 200k plus image I have stored on an external drive. A job that will take days initially but once completed worth the effort.

I fortunately found this online quick-start tutorial and it has helped me jump hough a couple of simple hoops and helped me decide how to move forward with this application. I’m sure there will be features added over time. I would prefer to see more metadata, per file and a way to quickly sort based on this metadata. The preferences pane seems very light on at the moment too. But really any program that can position itself to compete with the behemoth that is Adobe is worthy of an investment in cash and time.

Adventures in post production?

Anyone who has heard me teach, knows my philosophy on Photoshop. I am constantly on the lookout for replacements to it. It is a powerful tool, useful to manipulate imagery in many ways and capable of effortlessly producing astounding prints when used well. Still it is a pixel editing (and destruction) program and after more… Continue reading Adventures in post production?

Raw file processing with ON 1 software?

Phase One Raw file processed on ON 1
Phase One Raw file processed on ON 1

This image is just a jpeg of course, processed using a trial version of ON.1. This software looks promising. Also there is Darktable and many other applications useful for RAW file processing.  Since Adobe brought in their subscription model and Apple stopped supporting Aperture, I have been looking at alternatives to these applications. Affinity photo is another Photoshop challenger. If and when Affinity Photo adds a file cataloguing system it’s bye Adobe for me, maybe even earlier as ON 1 is only $99.00 Aus.

ON 1 UI in the developer section
ON 1 UI in the developer section

You can see in the screen grab above that the detail has been held in the highlights. So somewhere between export and conversion some info has been lost. I attribute this to my own inexperience as its probably only the second time I have ever used this software.

Confessions of a former instagram addict!

In 2010 when Instagram was one of the fledgling companies offering photo-sharing via iPhones and smartphones generally, I jumped onboard. Like so many others, I thought that I might to gain some traction in the online arm of the photo world. How naive. In retrospect I had been using several platforms to post Phone camera… Continue reading Confessions of a former instagram addict!

What is Flickr?

I was recently asked. What is Flickr? [The Verge reported in March 2013 that Flickr had a total of 87 million registered members and more than 3.5 million new images uploaded daily*.] Well actually, make that; over the years I have been asked, what is Flickr? One of the recent questioners has a SmugMug account and… Continue reading What is Flickr?