As an educator I often refer my students to glossaries of terms. Photography as a skill and craft is peppered with unfamiliar terms, I wrote one such glossary for our student’s use. This week I uncovered another useful one, from the University of Chicago. Its focus is on ‘Theories of Media‘ but of course photography figures largely… Continue reading Glossaries?

Thorn in the side of photography?

Lewis Bush, recently claimed he had finished writing on his blog, then another article appeared. What a ripper it was. He has thrown down the gauntlet for anyone aspiring to take up the cause of being a thorn in the side of photography. With a short list of points to help one get started. I must admit… Continue reading Thorn in the side of photography?

Is All Photography Binary?

According to Geoffrey Batchen it may well be. This quote from a book entitled ‘New Media Old Media A History and Theory Reader Edited by Wendy Hui Kyong Chun & Thomas Keenan goes  host way to explaining why. So, for Talbot, photography apparently both is and is not a mode of drawing; it combines a faithful reflection… Continue reading Is All Photography Binary?