Richmond, 2016-07-30 16:54:19

Currently Reading*

The summer holidays is a time to dip into my extensive photobook library. Or even just my library. Sadly this year my books are packed away for the duration of the renovation we are having built for us at the moment.  Since packing up I have bought 3 books and also kept a handful of texts… Continue reading Currently Reading*

Experiments for 2017 classes

During the long summer school holidays, I always endeavour to undertake several things. Move along with my own personal projects, thereby keeping my skill set fresh and professional, and experiment with new curriculum ideas to help the students expand their own skill sets. So far these holidays I have shot and processed 5 rolls of medium… Continue reading Experiments for 2017 classes

The Top Photos of 2016 As Chosen by Computer Vision – Vantage – Medium

I feel like I have blogged about this before? AI is the new hot topic, AI & Photography also very big as well, Seeing the machines choices, I’d also like to see the bottom 100 or so ‘rejects’.

Each year, millions of new photos are uploaded to the EyeEm platform. We try to see the majority of them, but our photo editors are only human and can’t possibly catch all great pictures. Luckily, we…

Source: The Top Photos of 2016 As Chosen by Computer Vision – Vantage – Medium