Storms over Sunshine

A storm brews over my suburb in 2009
2009-03-16 19:33:49

In 2009, my digital input was low, often making only one picture a day. This is a rare case of such an instance where timing paid off. It would not be until 2010 that I procured my first iPhone and my first Digital camera. The first digital camera I owned was not a DSLR, rather a point and shoot. A Canon G11. It served me well.

Web Design circa 1993?

screen grab from the article about 19993 web design

I seem to have spent some time reading about the history of the internet these last few days.

One page in particular explains the history of ‘web design’ very well. Even going so far as to claim that HTML is all but non-existent and many websites lack real hyper connectivity.

Read for yourself

Free to air TV?

“But what this short-sighted strategy indicates is worrying. It suggests a paucity of ideas, that the broadcasters have little in which they have sufficient confidence to follow the reality show. It also suggests a cavalier contempt for viewers: an assumption that people will hang in there no matter how badly they’re being treated.”


Flickr! Schwag!

A parcel from flickr!

Recently I reached out to the new owner of Flickr about Schwag. Much to my delight and surprise I received a response and the schwag arrived Friday in the mail!

In flickr’s early days all that was required to receive schwag was to plan a meet up. This was done by a local group of photographers based in Melbourne. I know others occurred around the world. Lots of fun was had by all and eventually a ‘group exhibition‘ was organised.