Adobe Spark?

I am playing, with this new tool, made by Adobe, I think it will fit nicely into my digital camera classes, that I teach. I love how easy it is to make such advanced looking webpages. Not an ounce of programming required. #winning Advertisements

Learning to Sell Photographs

I have an account. The EYEEM.COM site began its life as a competitor to instagram. Eventually EYEEM.COM chose a different business model and it seems are doing well as a consequence. Now, I have my reservations about the value and worth of Instagram from a photographer’s perspective but can’t quite commit to the idea… Continue reading Learning to Sell Photographs

Some Photography Links

Thanks to AD Coleman on Photocritic international, I stumbled upon some interesting photo book sites. They are in, no particular order:- The Photo Book Tattered & Lost Photographs Photographers Speak AD Coleman is an ┬áinteresting character and a thorough Journalist, I highly recommend reading his work in both its printed form and his online writings.… Continue reading Some Photography Links