Never before published [TYAT]

Flowerdale bushfire devastation 2009-02-23 13:52:32

I have never published this image anywhere since making it in 2009. My intentions were about respect and privacy. I’m glad I made the pictures. I was quite hesitant at the time. I have a handful of pictures on flickr I made as well on public land.

TYAT [Ten years ago today]

Flowerdale 2009-02-09 12:40:54

Some of the worst bushfires Australia had seen occurred in February 2009. It took many months for several small towns and villages to open as it was a gigantic crime scene. My meagre attempts at making pictures do not nor will they ever express and convey the loss and anguish felt bot those caught directly in its path. Not to mention the total sense of me being an alien in my own country.