What is flickr?

Again I am moved to write a short piece about flickr. Partially because I have really been spending a great deal of time there but also because things are changing rapidly. And I have set up a group to try and gather some of the old timers.

One of my contacts has shared a picture that uses a tool that flickr is so good at delivering. The notes tool it is great fun. It’s a bit like hashtags on Instagram and twitter, they add a layer of context and even more meaning to a picture, but rather than me bang on about it, have a look at this picture by Cogblogdog

Cogblogdogs note laden picture on flickr utilises flickr notes really well.
Click through to flickr to see the notes in al their glory!

My Locations & Motivations

I had to recently write an artist biography for the exhibition at Atkins Photo Lab. I was advised that it would be helpful to explain to non-photographers why I make pictures of the places I do. It is something that I had not given much thought to for some time. So why do I photograph… Continue reading My Locations & Motivations