Almost complete project!

My most recent project where I worked with SBS, the CCP and Brimbank council has almost reached its conclusion.
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I spent several weeks photographing in and around Sunshine. I have to thank PIC photographic imaging college for the loan of the digital hardware needed to complete this project.

All in all I shot about 554 frames and walked approximately 42 kilometres over seperate days. My first edit which was due on the 30th of September, consisted of about 40 or so images, Linsey Gosper from the CCP helped me get this down to 6. I was hard going but great to have a second pair of eyes looking and making the hard decisions.

The most exciting part of all this for me is I now have a large, and growing body of work on and about Sunshine. I also at one point looked back through my archive and realised I had enough film work for a solo show, so that will be two solo exhibitions somewhere down the track.

All of this on top of some digital work from a pre-exisiting body of work hosted on Tumblr. The final project will be on public exhibition at the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre from 17 October to 30 November.