Other Long Term Projects

I am interested in what goes on on both sides of the lens. The camera’s capacity to faithfully draw the world at any given moment on one side, and it’s ability to record my emotions thoughts and feelings on the other side. I have several projects that explore the cerebral side of photography [what’s in front… Continue reading Other Long Term Projects

Light & The Seasons

A backdrop near my house, very near.

Daylight saving has rolled back the clocks here in Australia. I am also on term break. This means several things, I will be moved by the quality of the light to make pictures often. I will have time to make pictures and prints, and speed up the final stages of the renovation.

This picture I made for class materials in my digital class. But the light was just so perfect I just felt I had to share it here.  In fact over the last couple of days I’ve been motivated to pull out a DSLR and make pictures, high resolution ones that may make it to an exhibition, or book; one day. More as I sift through them, who knows maybe some gems will turn up from our sojourn in a caravan park during the week this week?

Watch this space!

National Portrait Prize Finalists

The winner of the 2017 National Photographic Portrait Prize is Gary Grealy for his portrait of Richard Morecroft and Alison Mackay. Highly Commended: John Benavente, Renaissance Roseand Brett Canet-Gibson, Mastura. Art Handler’s Award: Tobias Titz, Bobby Bunungurr. The judges selected 49 portraits for the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2017. Now it is over to you… Continue reading National Portrait Prize Finalists