I am very surprised at how few pictures I was making in 2009. Ten years ago today these are the only three pictures I made?

Instruction #1*

  • Inside. On carpet. Set your smartphone camera self timer to 10 secs
  • Press the shutter to start the timer
  • Once the camera has reached 0 toss it in the air.
  • I also advise a strong camera case to protect your camera from damage as it hits the ground.

New Year, New Research

Late last year I was invited to participate in two long term photograph projects. These projects both focus on aspects of Rural Australia. Gary, the lead photographer lives in South Australia. We are already collaborating on a project that examines the changing inner west of Melbourne’s old industrial suburbs like North, and West Melbourne and… Continue reading New Year, New Research

More from my inbox

Great article about the history of the 35mm format Here’s an excerpt; too funny! The first commercial Leica was produced eleven years later, in 1924, and for a number of years, “135” or “35mm,” as it was called, was also known as “miniature” format. Most professionals and serious amateurs, who scorned it, at least used… Continue reading More from my inbox