New Old Locations

I recently created a new album on flickr, it’s a small repository of images I intend to re-potograph.


The idea was sparked by the above image, which is a place I drive past often and have watched it change dramatically over the years. When I made this picture in 2005 the small group of factories had just been finished.


Over the years small firms have come and gone, painted and repainted the walls. The inevitable graffiti has been there so long I can’t remember when it first appeared? So I went to re-photograph it on Tuesday, and in the process found a part of Sunshine I had not seen before. While this location is technically outside my pc3020 Tumblr boundary I may add some images to it from the day. I will return with film cameras soon too, as there were trees that I think would work well with my ongoing trees idea, and if my solo exhibition about Sunshine gets off the ground I could include images made from there as well.

Here’s a few more images made on the day.

A mix of man made and natural each compete for survival
A mix of man made and natural each compete for survival
Signs of repatriation and devastation natural and constructed
Signs of repatriation and devastation natural and constructed
Freight Rail bridge, young gum tree and factories
Freight Rail bridge, young gum tree and factories
Picturesque or soul destroying?
Picturesque or soul destroying?


Almost complete project!

My most recent project where I worked with SBS, the CCP and Brimbank council has almost reached its conclusion. I spent several weeks photographing in and around Sunshine. I have to thank PIC photographic imaging college for the loan of the digital hardware needed to complete this project. All in all I shot about 554… Continue reading Almost complete project!

More Annoucements!

Recently I entered into and was selected to participate in a series of workshops run by SBS, & the CCP, in conjunction with Brimbank council on a photo documentary project about Sunshine. Coincidentally I decided to undertake some professional development using a professional level medium format digital camera. Combining both seemed natural so I’m out… Continue reading More Annoucements!

Light & The Seasons

A backdrop near my house, very near.

Daylight saving has rolled back the clocks here in Australia. I am also on term break. This means several things, I will be moved by the quality of the light to make pictures often. I will have time to make pictures and prints, and speed up the final stages of the renovation.

This picture I made for class materials in my digital class. But the light was just so perfect I just felt I had to share it here.  In fact over the last couple of days I’ve been motivated to pull out a DSLR and make pictures, high resolution ones that may make it to an exhibition, or book; one day. More as I sift through them, who knows maybe some gems will turn up from our sojourn in a caravan park during the week this week?

Watch this space!

Zine or Book?

The annual Art Book Fair at the National Gallery of Victoria, this year is barely a week away. Melbourne Photobook collective’s publicity is ramping up. I have made one blog post on the MPC’s website about one of the 2 publications I plan exhibiting; and hopefully selling at the fair. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival… Continue reading Zine or Book?